Профессиональное образование
Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 2: Internal Organs

автор: Paulsen F., Waschke J.
Профессиональное образование: Медицина и здравоохранение
Общее образование: Другое
Типы: Учебные материалы
Аудитория: Учащийся
Уровень образования: Общее
чыккан жылы: 2011
жүктөлгөн убакыт: 2015-12-21 15:59:34
желеде окуу

Sobotta - Atlas of Human Anatomy: the exam atlas for understanding, learning, and training anatomy. The English-language Sobotta Atlas with English nomenclature is specifically adapted to the needs of preclinical medical students. Right from the start, the book and the Internet content concentrate on exam-relevant knowledge. The new study concept simplifies learning-understanding-training: Descriptive legends help the student identify the most important features in the figures. Clinical examples present anatomical details in a wider context. All illustrations have been optimized, and the lettering reduced to a minimum. An additional booklet containing 100 tables on muscles and nerves supports systematic study.
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